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What Do Personal Injury Law Firms Do?

To ensure their clients receive fair compensation

Personal injury cases encompass much more than you may expect. Personal injury lawyers specialize in tort law: the branch of civil law that deals with harms and injustices caused by private citizens, companies or branches of the government but excluding contractual issues.

Personal Injury

While typically associated with car accident cases and premises liability; personal injury law firms also represent victims of medical malpractice, work injuries, harmful products, sexual assault, and other accidents that cause emotional, financial, and physical harm. It is the role of a personal injury lawyer to ensure their clients receive fair compensation for all damages and losses suffered by the actions of another person or company.

Listen to your case and advise you of your legal options.

Personal injury lawyers hear the details of the case from their clients and discuss all relevant information about the incident and the damages, including all pain and hardships inflicted on the client because of the accident. They will advise clients on their rights and explain the options available to them.

Investigate your case and perform discovery. After the initial interview and introduction to the case, personal injury law firms gather all available evidence pertaining to a client’s case, including photos, witness statements, employer reports, police reports, hospital and treatment records, medical bills, and more. The attorney will also write interrogatories to ask questions of the opposing party as well as taking thorough and lengthy depositions of the defendant and defendant witnesses. Additionally, they will hire expert witnesses if needed to further investigate the case and injuries and then to testify before the judge and jury.  

Negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf.

Speaking to insurance companies and requesting compensation after an accident can be intimidating and detrimental to the injured person if he lacks experience handling such offers. Having a personal injury lawyer on your side allows you to avoid this and to have an expert do the talking for you. The attorney will review:

  • The insurance company policies and any applicable coverage and benefits.
  • The evidence and information relating to the case.

A thorough understanding of the important details, together with extensive experience with injury cases, helps an experienced attorney get the needed cooperation you need.

File lawsuits and demand settlements from companies who owe you compensation.

A personal injury lawyer will know how best to proceed with a client’s case, so they are rightfully compensated for damages, without undergoing any further unnecessary stress. Typically, personal injury cases are settled before going to trial, as it can be a costly and lengthy process to try a case. However, in some cases, it becomes necessary to try these cases. A personal injury lawyer will likely first try to demand a settlement and only proceed to file a lawsuit if they are not able to reach a fair settlement for their client.

We prepare for trial and fight for you in court.

If settlement for a fair and reasonable amount of compensation is not possible because the insurance company is unreasonable; Personal Injury Lawyers use all the gathered evidence and hired experts to present a case before a judge and jury. Experienced and talented trial attorneys can make all the difference in obtaining a great verdict for you in court.

If you have been injured, you may be entitled to compensation from another person or company. The Giroux Trial Attorneys team has experience fighting for clients in personal injury cases for over 26 years. Consult a qualified personal injury lawyer for free and get the help you deserve.

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