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Client Testimonials: Empowering Stories of Triumph

Giroux Pappas Trial Attorneys Fight for Widow After Husband’s Auto Accident

Justice Is What The Family Was Looking For

The Torpey Family tragically lost their father Leo when he and his wife Lucille were broadsided by a police car. The team from Giroux Pappas treated the family with compassion, dignity, and respect.

Birth Injury Attorneys, Giroux Pappas Help Shelby Through the Toughest Time In Her Life

Shelby's daughter, Evelyn suffered severe injuries during birth. The team at Giroux Pappas fought hard for Shelby and her daughter.

A Fight for Justice

After a devastating loss in the ER, a quest for accountability brought unprecedented support and tenacity from our attorneys. This powerful testimonial reveals the strength found in compassionate legal representation, turning a professional relationship into a lasting friendship.

Homer’s Road to Recovery

After an accident caused by a reckless driver left Homer with serious injuries, his initial struggles with the insurance company seemed insurmountable. Thanks to the relentless efforts of his legal team, Homer found relief and justice, highlighting the power of effective legal advocacy in navigating personal injury claims.

A Story of Resilience After an Auto Accident

After a severe auto accident left John with significant injuries, he turned to Bob for legal assistance. This video shows how Bob's determined advocacy helped John navigate the aftermath, ensuring an stress-free path to a just resolution.

Triumph Through Trial: A Client’s Journey to Justice

Hear Yaroslav's story of overcoming adversity in a personal injury case, guided by strategic legal representation. This testimonial highlights the power of meticulous evidence analysis and persuasive advocacy in securing a favorable verdict.



Motorcycle Accident Resulting in a Death and Severe Orthopedic and Brain Injury


Construction site accident causing death


Construction site accident causing amputation


Birth Trauma


Police shooting causing death


Commercial van accident causing death