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Technological Tools Used in Law Practice

Technological Tools Used in Law Practice

When you think about the practice of law, you may imagine someone in a suit poring carefully through large, complicated legal books. There seems to be a conception that lawyers are reluctant to embrace new technology. To a certain extent that may be true, but not in our firm. We recognize the wealth of attorney technology tools available to us that not only help make our lives easier but also help us become more efficient at handling your case.

We believe it is valuable for you to know the answer to the question “what type of technology do lawyers use?” After all, the efficient handling of your case helps save you time and money as well as giving you a better shot at a favorable outcome should the case go to court. Software applications mentioned by name are examples of the types of tools that we use, although we may not use that specific application.

1. Research Tools

While attorneys’ offices still often have large collections of law books, we use technology to conduct a lot of research. We do this for the same reason that you look up information online with search engines: It saves a lot of time. However, our tools are more specialized so that the documents we turn up are both reliable and relevant to the case that we are researching. This means that we spend less time on research, which allows us to charge you less money.

Attorney technology tools not only give us the ability to find relevant case law quickly and easily, but it also gives us the ability to find out information that can have a big impact on your case that is nevertheless not found in a legal library. For example, if your case goes to trial, there is an application that allows us to look up how the judge on your case has ruled in the past. In the context of personal injury, this gives us insight into whether the judge is likely to accept the amount awarded to you by the jury or may be inclined to reduce it or increase it. This helps us to prepare our courtroom strategy based on past patterns.

2. Evidence-Gathering Tools

A large part of our job involves gathering all the evidence we can regarding your case and organizing it so that we can present it in a logical way. Evernote is an application that not only allows us to take notes but incorporate photos.

Most personal injury cases do not end up going to trial. However, if yours is one of the few that does, TrialPad is an iPad app that can help us prepare your case for court. With the touch of a finger, TrialPad allows us to present a document to the judge and jury with the most important points highlighted to draw attention to them.

3. Document Signing Tools

In the distant past, if an attorney needed you to sign a legal document and you were unable to come to the office, it was necessary to send the document in the mail or via courier for your signature and for you to send it back upon signing. This was a very slow process. In the more recent past, your attorney may have been more likely to fax a document for your signature, but this raised issues about whether the signed copy was legally binding. Thanks to online tools like DocuSign, many of those issues are a thing of the past. We can use the application to upload the forms requiring your signature directly into the system. We can then email them to you, and you can sign them digitally. It is fast, efficient, and legally binding, and there is no need to come into our office.

While some attorneys may be reluctant to adopt new technology, we believe that our use of the latest tools helps us to represent you better.

Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys takes pride in treating every client like a member of their own family because we understand that when your loved one is suffering they need a strong voice to help navigate them through the legal process and we won’t stop until we get the right result for you. If you need to speak with an attorney about your case do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to answer any questions you may have. The consultation is free.

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