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Steps to take if Your Spouse Refuses to Pay Child Support

After going through a divorce, individuals face challenges associated with the custody of children.

In certain situations, an ex-spouse refuses to pay child support or finds it difficult to make payments dictated by the court. While the situation varies between individuals, a parent with full custody or primary custody of a child has legal solutions available to address the situation.

Evaluate the Situation

Child support payments vary between individuals based on the ability of the ex-spouse to make payments, the custody laws within a specific area, and the amount of custody allowed to both parents. For example, when parents maintain joint custody for similar amounts of time throughout the year, you may not receive child support. In other situations, a parent with primary custody expects a certain amount of child support to help with a child’s expenses.

Consider the financial situation of the ex-spouse before assuming that he or she has the ability to make a court-ordered payment. Discuss the options with an ex-spouse and a legal advisor before making decisions about an appropriate course of action.

Seek Legal Assistance

When an ex-spouse has the financial ability to make child support payments and refuses, a lawyer offers solutions to help with the situation. Generally, a lawyer assists with a settlement agreement or a court case. When an ex-spouse continues to make payments, he or she may face legal consequences and time in jail. Usually, an ex-spouse receives a warning and a time-limit to start making payments.

Seeking assistance with a legal complication in any divorce seems difficult, but a lawyer helps when a spouse refuses to pay child support after a court order or when appropriate for the divorce agreement, For a legal consultation or to learn more about your options, contact a highly skilled divorce attorney Giroux Pappas Trial Attorneys today.

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