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Covid 19 and Your Legal Case FAQs

Covid-19 and Your Legal Case FAQs

What happens to the statute of limitations if cases are paused during the COVID 19 crisis? Will I get an extension?

The Michigan Supreme Court issued Administrative Order 2020-3, extending “all deadlines pertaining to case initiation and the filing of initial responsive pleadings in civil and probate matters during the state of emergency declared by the governor related to COVID-19.

Will my case proceed if my deposition is cancelled? Can a deposition be handled via video conference?

Some courts, such as Wayne County Circuit Court, have automatically extended the scheduling order deadlines for all cases by 60 days. Other courts, have adjourned all trial dates. Your case will still proceed, even if your deposition was adjourned during the COVID-19 crisis. When possible, depositions are being handled via video conference. But, otherwise, all depositions will be adjourned until after the crisis.

If I’m injured during this COVID 19 quarantine, should I still go to the hospital?

If you are injured or sick during the quarantine, you should contact your primary care physician to determine the appropriate course of action for treatment.

Additional Questions:

Michigan has declared a state of emergency—will this affect my insurance coverage?

No. Your insurance coverage will remain the same.

I heard I should avoid hospitals, emergency rooms, and urgent care facilities for non-emergencies. Should I continue treatment if I have an ongoing case?

Yes, you should continue treatment if you have an ongoing case, but make sure to consult with your healthcare provider. Many providers have modified their protocols for existing patients, and a change in your treatment schedule because of coronavirus will not be held against you. However, you should continue treatment if recommended to do so.

Do I need to come into the office to consult with my attorney?

No. We are willing and able to provide video conferencing and alternative communication options to ensure that our clients remain safe and healthy during these difficult times. Please reach out to your attorney to discuss options for ongoing consultations.

I need to self-quarantine—how might this affect the progress of my case?

Please consult with your attorney to develop a plan for how to proceed. They can work with you to move consultations to a digital format and reschedule court dates as necessary.

I just tested positive for coronavirus—how might this affect the progress of my case?

Your focus should always be on your own health first. Please consult with your primary healthcare provider for next steps to keep yourself and your family safe. You should self-quarantine unless you need to go to the hospital, including quarantine from other members of your family. Your attorney can offer guidance on how to handle your case moving forward. You should plan on conducting the case digitally from this point on, including phone calls and teleconferencing with your attorney. In addition, your attorney will work with you to reschedule court dates in light of your test results. Consider your attorney a resource on this front—call or email them with any questions you may have about how this will affect your case.

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