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Should I Hire An Attorney After a Car Accident?

should i hire an auto accident attorney

Everyone has seen and heard the television and radio advertisements about the importance of contacting an attorney if you were injured in an automobile accident. These ads, however, do not inform you of the amount of time you have or the circumstances in which you should do so. Fortunately, the following information provides insights on when you may benefit from speaking to an attorney as well as instances where you should immediately contact an attorney. 

When to Speak with an Auto Accident Lawyer

You should speak to an attorney immediately if: 

  • The insurance company has denied your claim, will not reconsider, and you think their denial is incorrect. 
  • The settlement offer from the insurance company will not cover your expenses and is too low. 
  • You’re experiencing circumstances that result in your claim being more valuable and you’re having a difficult time proving your loss, such as caring for an elderly parent. 
  • Your injury caused residual disability that will result in future medical bills. 
  • The other party involved in the accident has served you with a lawsuit. 
  • You were significantly injured and incurred substantial medical bills without or with residual disability. 
  • A minor is injured with more serious injuries. 
  • Liability for the accident is being disputed, and you feel you’re not responsible or are only partially responsible. 
  • The claim has been outstanding for around a year without being settled, and you are unsure about the statute of limitations for your state. 
  • The circumstances of the accident could possibly require professional investigation due to the complexity.

You should consider speaking to an attorney for advice if: 

  • An insurance adjuster requests your prior medical records. 
  • Liability is unclear or if liability is shared between parties.
  • You do not know how to properly evaluate your claim. 
  • You’ve lost wages and are having a hard time proving it – commonly seen with sales people, business owners, and consultants. 
  • The insurance adjuster suggests a structured settlement instead of a lump sum payment.
  • You believe your claim is worth significantly more than what the adjuster is offering. 
  • You lack confidence in the ability to negotiate a settlement on your own. 

Simply put, not every automobile accident will require the assistance of an attorney. Even so, there are several instances when you should contact an attorney to help protect your rights and ensure the responsible party is held liable. 

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