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Oakland County Auto Accident Facts

Staying safe while driving in a busy area like Oakland County is critical. We must all stay alert and avoid distractions to minimize the chance of being injured in a car accident in Oakland County. The latest report from the Office of Highway Safety Planning has revealed some interesting and surprising insights into traffic crashes in Oakland County Michigan. The report, which contains 2021 data along with 5-year trends from 2017-2021, highlights some alarming statistics about the county’s road safety.

Key Statistics

Several significant (or mildly interesting) takeaways:

  • March had the least total crashes, but the most fatal crashes in 2021.
  • There were only 3 cited golf cart crashes in 2021; Oakland County has 61 golf courses.
  • Nobody died in crashes in February of 2021.
  • Friday had the most crashes and most crash deaths.
  • 3-6 pm is a good time to avoid driving, if possible, as most accidents occur in that period.
  • Deer were least likely to be hit in the middle of the day; this makes sense as deer are nocturnal or crepuscular (active at dawn and dusk).
  • No fatal deer crashes in Oakland County in 2021.
  • Single-motor vehicle and head-on collisions were particularly deadly.
  • Despite less people driving in 2020, fatalities for pedestrians remained roughly the same.
  • November was the deadliest month for pedestrians.
  • Don’t bike during the winter. The only fatal bicycle crashes were in October and December.
  • Independence Township and Farmington Hills have a lot of deer and a lot of deer-involved accidents.
  • Most drivers in crashes were cited for no hazardous action; followed by unable to stop in assured clear distance.

If you are interested in additional facts about accidents in the state of Michigan, try the Data Query Tool on the Michigan Traffic Crash Facts website.

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Source: Office of Highway Safety Planning, Michigan.

The crashes in this report occurred on public roadways in Michigan and resulted in injuries, fatalities, or property damage (with $1,000 as a reporting threshold). The information was gathered from Michigan Traffic Crash Report Forms (UD-10) submitted by local police departments, sheriff’s offices, and the Michigan State Police. Other related information was obtained from the departments of Transportation, State, and Community Health.

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