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Michigan is home to over 500,000 licensed motorcycle operators. Though the Michigan Legislature took steps in 2017 through the Motorcycle Safety and Education Fund development, the proclamation is another step highlighting the significance of motorcycle awareness and universal caution.

Most fatal motorcycle collisions do not occur at high speeds, especially when another motor vehicle is involved. According to records, local roads with speed limits between 35 mph and 55 mph are the most dangerous for an average motorcyclist. 

Motorcycle awareness is extremely important in order to keep our Michigan riders safe. Motorcycle operators go through extensive training to ensure they are capable and road-ready, but other motorists often fail to see or acknowledge their presence. Here, at Giroux Trial Attorneys, we believe it is crucial to embrace the spirit of this designated month and share some tips to keep everyone safe all year.

Motorist Awareness

It is amazing the importance of looking twice when driving. When we learned to cross the street as children, our parents likely taught us to look both ways — once to the left and the right. This carried with most people through teenage driving lessons and adulthood with busy schedules and work commutes. Looking once is not enough to save a life.

Most motorcycle collisions with other motorists share one thing: the motorist claims they didn’t see the motorcyclist. If you are not used to seeing motorcycle operators on your commute, it is easy to glance past them. Your brain is used to looking for larger objects, and it does so with precision while scanning once to the left and right. To override the routine nature of traffic checks, do your normal glance, but then do a second to search for motorcycles. 

Motorcycle Safety

It is not enough for motorists to take extra precautions. Motorcyclists must also take extra caution to ensure their safety. Aside from taking a moment to ensure other motorists see you or making sure the roadway is clear before making a turn, an operator needs to give themselves the best chance for survival should a collision occur. Wearing appropriate motorcycle clothing, helmets, gloves, shoes, pads, etc., helps reduce the likelihood of severe or fatal injury in low-speed collisions.

Aside from wearing the proper safety gear, it would be best if you ride defensively. Stay clear of motorist’s blindspots and keep your headlights on all the time. Also, when you want to make a turn or change lanes, be sure to signal well in advance to give other motorists ample time to see you. While it might not seem fair, your life is often quite literally in your hands as a motorcycle operator.

Road Ready

Operating a motorcycle requires tremendous focus. The attention to balance, traction, weather, road conditions, motorists, and more means a motorcyclist is constantly aware of many things. The complexity of riding is one of the primary reasons a rider should not venture onto state or local roads without being road-ready.

Road readiness is about more than personal ability or focus; it is also about the bike. As the operator, you need to perform systems check before heading out for a ride. Check tire pressure, engine levels, systems operations; ensure the bike is performing optimally before it leaves your garage or driveway.

Additionally, a motorcyclist should always continue their education. Unlike motor vehicles, the changing seasons and weather in Michigan mean less drive time for licensed motorcycle operators. It is almost always beneficial to take a refresher course at the beginning of riding seasons.

The Attorneys That Will Fight For You After a Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle accident on it’s own is a traumatic experience. If injured, the very first action you should take is seeking medical attention. Even if you don’t feel any pain, go to the doctor. After receiving medical attention and having proof of your injuries reach out to Giroux Trial Attorneys if you wish to pursue legal action.

Our experienced team has been fighting for those injured on motorcycles for over 25 years. We have experienced motorcycle lawyers. We understand motorcycles automatically increase the risk of injury in an accident, and it is vital to seek the compensation you need to avoid financial hardships.  

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