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Tips for Driving in the Michigan Winter Snow & Ice

Michigan Personal Injury Attorneys See Hundreds of Snow-Related Traffic Accidents

Winter is here in Michigan, which means snow and ice are bound to be all over the roads. Whether you are new to driving or have been driving for what seems like forever, snow- and ice-covered roads are dangerous. Keeping the roads completely safe is impossible since we cannot control the weather, determine how other people will drive, or what obstacles might be in front of us. However, the roads can become a safer place if you know what you need to do in dangerous situations and how to best prevent them from happening. 

Winter & Auto Accidents

As experienced personal injury attorneys, we hear that millions of car and truck accidents occur annually in the United States. Of those millions involved in an accident, about 50% of them get seriously injured, and about 12% of those accidents are traffic-related deaths. Everyone wants to reach their destination as safely as possible. Still, with 17% of all car crashes being during winter, it’s clear that driving in snowy and icy conditions is dangerous.

According to a study by Michigan State Police, over the course of four recent winter seasons, 202,232 crashes were reported in Michigan. These crashes were directly related to snowy or icy roads, with 370 fatalities and 2,530 serious injuries.

Follow These Driving Tips This Winter

Michigan residents and/or visitors are familiar with slippery roads. Since most of us have to drive on them, it’s essential to understand the risks and what you can do to help prevent disaster.

Here are some winter driving tips to keep in mind this season:

  • Make sure to accelerate and decelerate slowly.
  • Remove the snow from your car before driving.
  • Ensure that you are driving slowly in response to the conditions.
  • Do not drive at the same speed as when the roads are dry. Even if you are under the speed limit, driving too fast in these conditions is still illegal.
  • Give plenty of space between you and the car in front of you.
  • Allow yourself to leave with extra time.
  • Do your best to stay inside your lane at all times.
  • Make sure that everything on your car is working properly, including your lights, engine, breaks, etc. 
  • Do not drive on bald tires.
  • If you can, drive when it is light outside.
  • Watch out for black ice.
  • Try your best to steer into a skid.
  • Unless you have to, stay home and avoid the roads when the weather is bad.

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To ensure the safety of your life and others around you, changing your driving habits with a few simple tips can make all the difference. People who do not follow safe practices in winter and drive too fast for the conditions are putting themselves and everyone else on the road in danger. If you or someone you know was involved in a roadway accident, contact Giroux Pappas Trial Attorneys today to schedule a free consultation. 

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