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You’ve been a Victim of Police Brutality, What Should You Do?

Being subjected to misconduct by the police can be one of the most intimidating and stressful ordeals you can go through.

Police are seen as authority figures, and their word and actions are typically seen as justified to maintain law and order; therefore, it can be hard to reconcile improper police conduct with their position as law enforcement officers. Additionally, police officers tend to protect their own, which makes pursuing legal action that much more difficult when you are wronged. When you are the victim of police brutality, you need to follow these steps in order to have the best chance of remedying your case as fast as completely as possible:

Write Down Everything

As soon as possible after the incident occurred, write down every detail you remember while the memories are still fresh. Make sure you include names, witness names, physical descriptions, and use exact quotes whenever possible. Be careful to be as accurate as possible when writing your description, as inaccuracies may damage your credibility.

Consult an Attorney

While not required if you were not arrested, consulting an attorney can be extremely helpful. Victims of police brutality are sometimes prosecuted to gain leverage against them in case of a lawsuit, so a good attorney can help you maintain your legal rights and fight forced prosecution.

File a Misconduct Report

Once any legal challenges are resolved, a police misconduct report should be filed using the information you wrote down. In order to receive the correct forms, you can Google ‘police complaint’ + ‘[your town and city]’. Some departments have the forms available online, while others require an in-person trip to the police station. If the latter is in order, don’t say more than necessary and don’t allow the officers to talk you out of filing a complaint. Also, remember that police departments receive dozens of complaints per day, so yours may not be reached immediately.

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