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She is passionate about digging deep into medical information for the answers that will ensure her clients receive the justice that they deserve. She has long standing relationships with experts in the medical field that she can call on to support her cases and she is sought out by the partners to lend her expertise in working up a case for trial.

Michigan Blood Clot Lawyer

March 19, 2021

If DVT or PE are not identified and treated timely they can result in serious injury or death. Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys takes pride in treating every client like a member of their own family.

Symptoms of Vaccine Injuries

March 25, 2019
Most people get a lifetime of regular vaccines with no adverse effects, save a sore arm or a low-grade fever. However, the few injuries and...
Medical Malpractice Lawyers

When Health Professionals Fail

September 03, 2018
The major ways doctors and nurses drop the ball on providing standard care Our doctors, surgeons and nurses are held to high standards. Because they...