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10 Worst Michigan Highways for Accidents

Worst Michigan Highways for Accidents

Did you know that Michigan is the deadliest state in the whole country for winter weather accidents? 

Michigan drivers know that traversing the state when the snow descends is not for the faint of heart. But when you’re trying to stay safe and get around in a reasonable time, it’s difficult to avoid some of Michigan’s most dangerous roads. 

In fact, chances are you’ve already driven on some of Michigan’s most dangerous wintertime roads, considering that Michigan highways are the single greatest culprit. 

Here are the 10 worst Michigan highways, why they’re unusually dangerous in the winter, and what you need to do to stay safe. 

The 10 Worst Michigan Highways

Like all states with a deadly wintertime driving record, Michigan has notoriously brutal winters. The problem, however, isn’t just about the weather. 

The problem is a lot of drivers who think they know how to drive safely in the winter, driving carelessly, around a large group of other drivers doing exactly the same thing, in conditions that are not safe to drive carelessly. That’s why Michigan’s worst highways are those with the highest traffic volume or areas with unusually bad winter weather conditions. 

The 10 worst Michigan highways are: 

  1. Eastbound I-94 between 41st Street and Paw Paw Road, Paw Paw Township, Van Buren County
  2. Northbound I-475 between Atherton Road Ramp and S Grand Traverse Street, Flint, Genesee County
  3. Eastbound I-96 between the I-96 crossover and 68th Avenue, Polkton Township, Ottawa County
  4. Westbound I-94 between 66th Street and N County Line, Hartford Township, Van Buren County
  5. Westbound I-94 between County Road 681 and 62nd Street, Hartford Township, Van Buren County
  6. Westbound I-96 between 24th Avenue and Crossover East of 48th Avenue, Wright Township, Ottawa County
  7. Eastbound I-96 between the Crossover East of 48th Avenue and 24th Avenue, Wright Township, Ottawa County 
  8. Sprinkle Road Between Michigan Avenue and E Main Street, Comstock Township, Kalamazoo County 
  9. Southbound US-131 Between 44th St Entrance Ramp and 54th St Exit Ramp, Wyoming, Kent County
  10. Eastbound I-94 Between County Road and Crossover East of 30th St, Antwerp Township, Van Buren County

Noticing a few trends? 

Van Buren County is a frequent flier on this list, which is part of the Lake Michigan snowbelt. So are Kalamazoo and Ottawa Counties. Some of the most dangerous highways are also areas of I-94 stretching along the Lake Michigan shoreline, where drivers suddenly transition from clear cruising into the snowbelt. 

Genesee County, particularly in Flint, is also subject to this effect—drivers can find themselves driving in snow or freezing rain seemingly out of nowhere. Plus, Flint is subject to snow bands from the southwest, which often catches drivers from Detroit and Saginaw off guard. 

How to Stay Safe on the Highway in Winter

According to a Michigan State Police analysis, 65% of winter car accidents happened because drivers were going too fast for the road conditions. 

So, the best way to stay safe on the road is simple: drive slower. In fact, drive slower than you think you need to. 

Michiganders are familiar with the concept of black ice (roads that appear normal but are actually icy). The same premise applies here—roads may not be as safe as they look, so you have to treat all roads with equal caution in the winter. 

In addition, be careful when driving through areas subject to sudden weather transitions, like Flint or the Lake Michigan snowbelt. 

Let Us Protect Your Family

Sometimes, accidents happen despite all your best efforts to drive carefully. But someone else’s carelessness on the worst Michigan highways shouldn’t have to slow you down. 

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