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Car Accident Victim doesn’t have to handle intimidating Insurance Company Alone.

Our client needed help fighting the insurance company after his auto accident.

The team of lawyers at Giroux were there to step in and handle all the details for him.

“Bob Giroux was there every step of the way.”

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Car Accident Victim Looks for a Lawyer That Takes Care of Business.

Our client in Michigan was injured in a car accident. She was hit so hard!

She had an attorney prior to coming to Giroux Trial Attorneys that didn’t do things right. She wanted an attorney that “took care of business”. She appreciated the help she received from Brandon Abro and his staff who fought for her and kept her informed.

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Construction Site Accident Seriously Injures Client

Crushed by a conveyor for over 90 minutes our client needed help getting the financial support from the insurance company.

He was referred to Giroux Trial Attorneys by a friend that had also been injured while on the job and had a great experience with the firm.

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Injured Man Needs Tough Attorney to Fight For Coverage He Deserves

After being injured in an auto accident by a drunk driver, Corey met with the team of lawyers at Giroux to fight for the coverage he deserved.

“There was a lot of personal dedication built into my case.”

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Auto Accident Attorneys Win Big for Man Involved in a Serious Car Accident

Jeff was in a serious auto accident. He knew he needed help. He felt instantly that he landed in the right place.

The attorneys at Giroux Trial Attorneys fought for him and won.

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School Sports Personal Injury Leaves Student with Uncovered Medical Expenses

Alex was injured during a high school track meet when his pole snapped during his pole vault. The sharp edge impaled his eye.

His medical expenses were not completely covered and the attorneys at Giroux Trial Attorneys fought for him and won.

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Auto Accident Attorney Fights for Car Accident Victim and Wins Big

Carla was injured in an auto accident. Bob Giroux’s extensive trial experience helped her win a larger settlement than expected.

“The results were way better than we expected.” said Carla.

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Giroux Trial Attorneys Go to Trial for Victim Involved in Auto Accident

Bob Giroux successfully fought the insurance company and won a much larger settlement amount after taking the case to trial.

“Going to trial with Bob was a no brainer… When he goes to trial his case is 100% prepared… Bob believes in winning. He took care of my family and made it so that I had my life back.”

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Giroux Trial Attorneys Fight for Family After Husband is Killed In Auto Accident

Samantha’s husband was killed in an auto accident when their daughter was only two years old.

Samantha looked to Bob Giroux to fight for her daughter’s rights. “The depositions were really hard and he definitely stood up for me. He didn’t give up on me. He stood up for me 100%.”

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Giroux Trial Attorneys Protect Dog Attack Victim During Deposition and Trial

Personal injury attorneys, Giroux Trial Attorneys, protected Brittany and her family – victims of a vicious dog attack – during their deposition and trial.

“Bob knew his facts – he did a lot of research.”

“He knew everything to get the point across of what really happened.”

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Giroux Trial Attorneys Help Victim of Traumatic Brain Injury Get Her Life Back

Bob Giroux was her great protector. “He was in my corner,” said our client Kelly who suffered a head injury at work.

Bob protected her from additional stress during her deposition and helped her get her life back.

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Giroux Trial Attorneys Obtain Great Outcome for Auto Accident Victim

A steel hauler pulled out in front of Steve and he hit that truck going 60 MPH. Steve’s injuries were extensive and required many months in the hospital, then in a rehab facility.

“My attorney, Bob Giroux, treated us like family. He helped us understand what was going to happen. He called and checked on me frequently and he fought for us all the way.”

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Auto Accident Victim with Back Injury Wins Settlement After Choosing Giroux Trial Attorneys

Tina was involved in a car accident that gave her whiplash. A car rear-ended her at 55 mph. The pain from the whiplash ended up affecting her back.

“I crossed a judge and he said ‘You are in excellent hands. Bob is a great lawyer. One of the best.’”

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Giroux Trial Attorneys Win Auto Accident Case for Injured Client and Grieving Family

Annette’s mother was involved in an serious car accident. After her family’s case was discounted in court, they contacted Giroux Trial Attorneys.

“You want someone like Bob Giroux because he will listen to you and know what to do.”

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Satisfied Giroux Trial Attorneys Client Recommends Bob Giroux for Any Case

“I think Bob handled my case very professionally.”

“He kept me informed about my case and where he was going with it. I’m very pleased with his work.”

“I’d recommend Bob to anyone.”

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Giroux Trial Attorneys Fight for Widow After Husband’s Auto Accident

Star’s husband was killed in a trucking accident.

“Sometimes you’re dealing with real life-and-death situations. These situations can be so desperate and your circumstances can be so dark. You need somebody who’s gonna take all of that in and put that responsibility on their shoulders, and go forward and fight for you. And that was what Bob Giroux did for me,” said Star.

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Giroux Trial Attorneys Fight for Family After Father’s Construction Site Accident

Steve was in an accident while on the job at a construction site. He was in a man lift when it malfunctioned and he was catapulted 40 feet into the air.

He spent 30 days in the hospital and 5 weeks in a rehabilitation center. “Bob was there to fight for me. He knows that it’s not just me that he’s defending; it’s my wife and kids too.”

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It is very rare to find a smart attorney that will fight tooth-and-nail to get their client what they deserve for the wrong done to them; but it is almost impossible to find an attorney that will also put aside his interests, and give their client what is most important to them, sound advice for the client’s best interest.

Atild S.

Car Accident Victim

When the insurance company started pushing me around, I knew I needed a good lawyer. Bob came highly recommended. I was extremely impressed with Bob’s commitment to my case. Bob was not afraid to stand up against the insurance company and fight for me. Bob’s preparation, dedication, execution during trial was impressive, and as a result I received an exceptional settlement.

Robert L., MD

Insurance Company Victim

This short letter is in regard to you and your law firm in handling my case of December 23, 2014. Without your help, we could have never handled all the paper work and all the meetings that you came all the way out to Davison to explain, and was always there when we needed your help.

You were there since the first day or so after my automobile accident. The result was brain injury, that took many months of therapy. I would highly recommend you to anyone who would need a lawyer.

Thank you for representing me and the first settlement was very good.

Ann Marie M.

Auto Accident Victim

We would like to say THANK YOU for all the attention and care you have given us and the car accident we were involved in last year. Your quick response to any question or problems we have had have made us feel very comfortable with the fact that you were there for us any time we needed you. I realize there were times you have taken our hands and walked us throught this procedure which, you have done with great patience and care. Again, I say ‘thank you’ for everything.

Barbara S.

Car Accident Victim

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