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Giroux Pappas Trial Attorneys Fight for Widow After Husband’s Auto Accident

Star’s husband was killed in a trucking accident.

“Sometimes you’re dealing with real life-and-death situations. These situations can be so desperate and your circumstances can be so dark. You need somebody who’s gonna take all of that in and put that responsibility on their shoulders, and go forward and fight for you. And that was what Bob Giroux did for me,” said Star.

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Giroux Pappas Trial Attorneys Go to Trial for Victim Involved in Auto Accident

Bob Giroux successfully fought the insurance company and received a much larger settlement amount after taking the case to trial....

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Giroux Pappas Trial Attorneys Recommended to Ann Arbor Student by Judge

A drunk driver caused an automobile accident with Kai. A judge recommended Kai to seek out Bob Giroux. "He was...

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Nursing Home Negligence Causes Mother’s Death

Sharon's mother was a resident at a nursing home when the nursing home's neglect led to her death. Sharon looked...

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Birth Injury Attorneys, Giroux Pappas, Help Shelby Through the Toughest Time In Her Life

Shelby shares the story of how her birth injury attorney, Bob Giroux, provided invaluable assistance to her and her daughter...

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Giroux Pappas Helps Kevin, Injured in a Construction Site Accident

We went to Bay City, Michigan to hear Kevin's story about how he was crushed under a load of dry...

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Looking for Justice After the Death of their Father

Robert Giroux's expertise in trial work paid off and the Torpey’s received the justice they were looking for that showed...

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Motorcycle Accident Resulting in a Death and Severe Orthopedic and Brain Injury


Construction site accident causing death


Birth Trauma


Medical malpractice causing death


Auto accident causing death

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