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5 Clues You Have a Medical Malpractice Case

I always recommend to my clients, friends and family members to ask medical professionals a lot of questions to determine if they or their loved one has experienced a Medical Malpractice event. How the doctors and nurses respond will provide hints and clues as to what has occurred. Ultimately, they do care about people, that’s why they are in the health field. Medical professionals feel bad when a mistake is made and, often, will disclose that information to you. Trust your gut and look for clues after you have experienced a medical situation that has gone bad.

Here are 5 things to look for:

1. Severe or Unexpected Results

Whether from a medical procedure or hospital experience, severe or unexpected consequences can send up a red flag. This may be a reason to seek out a personal injury attorney, discuss the results, and decide if there is a reason to order medical records to investigate further.

2. No Reasonable Explanation

When a doctor, nurse or healthcare provider is unable to reasonably explain what has happened or why there was a bad consequence from the procedure or hospital experience, this may be a reason to consult an attorney to determine whether there may be medical negligence.

3. Explanations that Defy Common Sense

There are many unique principles in medicine, but a medical provider should be able to provide an explanation that make sense. When an explanation from a medical provider defies common sense, that medical provider may be trying to explain away something that should not have occurred.

4. Verbal and Nonverbal Communications

When speaking to doctors and nurses, whether they treated you or not, watch how they communicate. Often, their verbal and nonverbal communication will provide a clue that something occurred that should not have. This might include a verbal suggestion of their attorney, a suspicious look, or how they respond to your questions.

5. Bad Results After Medical Treatment

A terrible result shortly after there has been medical treatment might include a misdiagnosis or improper discharge. In extreme cases, it might also include a family member or friends’ death within 24-72 hours after their emergency room visit.

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