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When Should I Hire An Insurance Claim Lawyer?

Though you can certainly hire an attorney to assist you with your claim later on in the process, it will be the most effective if you hire an insurance claim lawyer from the very beginning.

The reason this is important is that you and your insurance company are essentially at odds with one another. You are seeking to receive adequate payment for losses or damage your property has sustained, and your insurance company is trying to minimize the dollar amount that they have to pay. Having an advocate in your corner who is knowledgeable and experienced, therefore, is your best strategy.

Your insurance company is going to have an adjuster assess the area where the problem occurred, and they will have their own lawyers that will help them in determining the amount of your payout. It can sometimes be confusing to know exactly what your rights are if you are navigating this process alone. Your legal counsel will provide insight along the way and can advise you as to whether you can have your own adjuster collecting information as well. It is very likely that you will be asked questions by the insurance team handling your case and also that the things that you say can have a deleterious effect on the outcome.

Your attorney can accurately convey to you what you are entitled to under your insurance policy as well. In scenarios where your claim has been outright denied, your attorney can review the terms of your insurance to see what action can be taken. In many cases, you will be able to sue the company to seek redress for these claims, as it is not uncommon for insurance firms to altogether deny or to undervalue a settlement to someone who rightly deserves it. Hiring a lawyer from the outset saves time and is a prudent strategy for making sure your filing is done properly and in your favor.

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