Michigan Medical Malpractice Lawyers

When it comes to medical malpractice, time is of the essence. Evidence can disappear, witnesses’ memories fade, and statutes of limitations expire. That’s why it’s crucial to contact us as soon as possible after you’ve been harmed. Giroux Pappas Trial Attorneys has dedicated, experienced trial attorneys with a deep understanding of medical injuries and negligence and we are available to review your case and act right away on your behalf.

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Giroux Pappas Trial Attorneys prosecutes all types of medical malpractice claims in Michigan. Whether your claim is against a surgeon, doctor, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, midwife, or another medical or health care provider, we will investigate your case and help you understand how to move forward.

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Hundred's of Cases Reviewed

Giroux Pappas’ deep and experienced legal team has reviewed and handle hundreds of medical malpractice cases, often taking them through trial since this is frequently the outcome. Above all, the Giroux Pappas Trial Attorneys spend time getting to know their clients so there is a complete understanding of who they are before and after their injury. This is critical when positioning a case and achieving justice for our clients.

Tell Us Your Story and Achieve Justice

Giroux Pappas' deep and experienced legal team has handled hundreds of medical malpractice cases, often through to a trial. Above all, we spend time getting to know our clients so we completely understand who they are before and after their injury. This is critical when positioning a case and achieving justice for our clients.  

Personal Connection

It’s critical to know your clients and their story. We listen and learn about how the injury occurred and how it will effect your life in the future. This is critical to positioning your case for success.

Medical Case Expertise

Our expertise in reading and understanding medical records – what’s in them and what was left out – is the key to successfully litigating a Medical Malpractice case.

Trial Experience

Medical Malpractice cases frequently head to trial, requiring your legal team to understand  how to set up a case for trial, and have access to medical expert witnesses. Our experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyers can be critical to achieving the justice you deserve.

What Our Clients Say About Working With Giroux Pappas

We get to know our clients and their stories by visiting with them, digging deep into medical records, learning what life will be like in the future after their Medical Malpractice case. Would they rather have their lives back the way they were before their injury? Of course, but achieving justice and knowing that the Giroux Pappas team was there fighting on their behalf gave them peace of mind that they just did not receive from the medical community.

Shelby - Birth Injury Case

For the past few years I had Bob fighting for me and my daughter. He looked into it and the more he found out from the records, hiring the board certified doctors and specialists they all came to the same conclusion. From start to finish he was their for me and my daughter fighting to make sure we had the means necessary to take care of her for the rest of her life. I'm happy and thankful for Bob and the Giroux Pappas Trial team.

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You know something doesn’t seem right. You have a gut feeling the medical professionals aren’t telling you everything. You didn’t come out of surgery the way you expected. Your mother was healthy going in but now her life has changed forever. This is what we hear everyday. Call us to discuss your concerns about Medical Malpractice or Medical Negligence. The call is free.