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If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a dog bite incident and need to know your rights. Giroux Pappas Trial Attorneys is here to help. As an experienced personal injury trial law firm, we have successfully assisted many clients in dog bite lawsuits in Michigan.

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    We understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll an attack by a dog can have on your life.

    Our compassionate team is dedicated to providing personalized attention and unwavering support navigating Michigan’s dog bite laws. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our experienced dog bite attorneys.

    Hundred’s of Dog Bite Cases Reviewed in Michigan

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    If you or a loved one has suffered from a dog bite incident in Michigan, Giroux Pappas Trial Attorneys is your trusted legal ally. Our legal team will provide valuable insights into Michigan’s dog bite laws, and the process of pursuing a lawsuit. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us navigate the legal complexities on your behalf, striving to secure the compensation and justice you deserve.

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    Giroux Pappas’ deep and experienced legal team has handled hundreds of dog bite cases, often through to a trial. Above all, we spend time getting to know our clients so we completely understand who they are before and after their injury. This is critical when positioning a case and achieving justice for our clients.

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    Personal Connection

    It’s critical to know your clients and their story. We listen and learn about how the dog attack occurred and how the injury will effect your life in the future. This is critical to positioning your case for success.

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    Dog Bite Case Expertise

    Our expertise in Michigan law and the understanding of owner liabilty and negligence is key to handling dog bite case.

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    Trial Experience

    Our Michigan dog bite attorneys can help you file claims without missing important deadlines and prepare your case if it needs to go to trial. Our trial experience can be the leverage you need during a settlement.

    What Our Clients Say About Working With Giroux Pappas

    We get to know our clients and their stories by visiting with them, hearing their story, and learning what life will be like in the future after the dog attack. Would they rather have their lives back the way they were before their injury? Of course, but achieving justice and knowing that the Giroux Pappas team was there fighting on their behalf gave them peace of mind.

    Brittany and Her Family Were Attacked While On a Walk

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    “I was out for a walk with my family and a huge dog ran out toward my daughter, I put my hand out and that’s when he attacked. I was super nervous when I went to trial. Bob made me super comfortable. He made me feel like family. He wants to make sure you get everything you deserve. He wants to make sure you are taken care of. That’s why I would recommend him, because if someone doesn’t want to take care of you why would you use them?”

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