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Traumatic Brain Injuries: What You Need To Know

The aftermath of a traumatic brain injuries (TBI) impacts not only the patient, but also family and friends. Handling the legal and medical aspects is overwhelming, but our experienced attorneys are here for you. Your traumatic brain injury attorney will ensure that you and your loved ones always come first.

Types of TBI’s

A TBI is classified as either mild, moderate or severe, and there are different types of TBI’s.
• A penetration TBI is when an item impales the head. The item’s impact causes parts of the skull and skin to pierce the brain.
• A contusion is bleeding in the brain due to impact to the head.
• Concussions are complex and have several causes, including whiplash or a hit to the head, that result in damaged nerves and blood vessels in the brain.
• Diffuse axonal TBI’s occur when the head is forcefully turned or shaken. The brain remains still as the skull violently moves, and nerve tissue is ripped apart
• Coup-contrecoup TBI’s come from a blow to the head, but the blow is so powerful that the brain collides with the other side of the skull. This results in a contusion on each side of the brain (one on the side of the direct hit and another on the side where the brain collided with the skull).

No matter the type or degree of TBI, it is critical that you receive prompt medical attention and discuss your TBI with a brain injury lawyer. Any TBI is serious and needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

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