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Medical Malpractice Attorney in Monroe County

Medical Malpractice Attorney in Monroe County

Most doctors are competent professionals with your best interest at heart. However, our medical malpractice attorney in Monroe county recognizes that there are some bad apples. These people give the health care system a bad name.

According to a New York Times article published in 2019, 39% of all medical malpractice claims resulted from the actions of only 2% of doctors. Similarly, 0.2% of doctors accounted for 12% of all claims that resulted in payment. Unfortunately, most patients only learn what group their doctor belongs to the hard way.

This is a growing problem in America that threatens the effectiveness of the health care system. It also puts people’s lives at risk. According to CNBC, medical mistakes result in the death of anywhere from 250,000 to 440,000 people in America every year. This makes medical errors the third-leading cause of death, preceded by cancer and heart disease.

Medical Malpractice Cases

The irony is lost on no one that the doctors, who are responsible for preserving life, may lead to a premature end to it for so many people. For many others, it is their quality of life that is affected. This may include grief from the loss of a loved one, lifelong disabilities, emotional distress or injuries. Here are some of the many case examples that our medical malpractice lawyer in Monroe County has seen in this area:

  • Failure to provide timely diagnosis and/or treatment
  • Delayed or incorrect diagnosis
  • Anesthesia mistakes
  • Medication errors
  • Surgical mistakes
  • Severe bedsores

Note that this list does not exhaust all the cases we have seen, handled or that fall under medical malpractice. Always verify with an attorney to see if you have a strong case and what laws apply. We are more than happy to provide a free consultation to assist with this.

Overcoming Shady Practices

According to a WebMD article, 78% of doctors believe it is never acceptable to hide the truth from patients and their family members when they know a medical error occurs. This is a steep decline from 2014, when 91% of doctors believed this, and even lower than the 95% who did in 2010.

Over the past few years, some states passed laws that facilitate greater concessions when health care professionals and facilities admit to wrongdoings, apologize and propose a fair settlement without going to court. However, not everyone takes advantage of this. In addition to this, the offered terms may not be fair at all.

To add to this, there are 7% of doctors identified by WebMD who believed it was okay not to disclose medical mistakes, even when these resulted in harm to a patient. There was also an additional 14% who straddled the middle ground. These doctors are the type of health care professionals who may go through extreme measures to cover their tracks.

Our personal injury lawyer in Monroe county takes the time to comb through the available information to see whether or not an entity is hiding information. This is especially important in cases where you only suspect medical errors and have not yet found evidence to substantiate this. By relying on professional help, you increase the chances of uncovering the evidence you need to secure the settlement you deserve.

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