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I’ve Been Injured; Why Call a Lawyer?

If you’ve suffered an injury that could have been prevented, we urge you to first contact a doctor.

The very next phone call should be to an attorney.

Some people hesitate to call an attorney. Often they are busy dealing with the urgent matters that are presented due to the injury. One may also be concerned that they would not have a case worthy of the time of an attorney, or that they would have to pay an attorney too much money to address their case. This is a common misconception of people with valid personal injury cases.

Why call an attorney right away?

• The clock is ticking. If you delay calling an attorney, you may not be able to file a claim. There are certain limits (statute of limitations) for personal injuries and delaying could actually prevent you from receiving even one dollar.
• We need to guide you to have the right diagnostics done, to evaluate your case, to make sure you obtain the appropriate documentation. This needs to happen quickly after your injury.
• If there are any witnesses to the incident that caused your injury, they should be interviewed right away. People’s ability to remember details of events decreases if there is a significant delay.
• Calling a Giroux Trial Attorneys is absolutely free for you in the case of personal injury. You never pay an attorney fee, unless we win the case or receive a settlement on your behalf.
• Only a trusted, experienced personal injury attorney can determine if your case is viable or winnable. Don’t try to figure it out yourself. We have been in the trial business since 1984; we are the best judges of what makes a winnable case. We won’t take your case if we don’t think it has merit.

Personal injury lawyers at Giroux Trial Attorneys litigate in an area of law called tort law. Tort law is basically law that has to do with a civil wrong that causes another person to suffer loss or harm resulting in legal liability for the person who caused the harm.

What money could your attorney help you recoup?

• Compensation for pain, disability or suffering
• Past, current and future medical bills
• Past, current and future physical and occupational therapy costs
• Payment for lost or diminished wages
• Payment for diminished quality of life
• Payment for care expenses, including drivers, sitters, aides and therapists.

Giroux Trial Attorneys attorney, Evan Pappas, says that in his experience as a personal injury litigator, “I have never seen a case in which it did not benefit the client to call an attorney immediately. In the State of Michigan personal injury cases are considered contingency cases. This means that payment of a fee to a lawyer on the part of a client is contingent upon the favorable settlement or conclusion of the case. There is little or no risk to the client.” If the case has legal merit and Giroux Trial Attorneys believe we can win your case for you, you do NOT pay fees upfront. Only when your case is settled in your favor, or won in court, do attorney fees get paid as a percentage of the settlement; It is in your best interest and risk free to make that first call to Giroux Trial Attorneys.

What happens when you call us?

We will meet with you and go over all of your paperwork and the details of your injury. We will also calculate the costs to you and your family of your injury. We will then determine how to proceed with your case.  We understand that our clients are coming to us at a vulnerable time and we treat our clients as we would treat our own family. We call the work we do Pure Law because our work is truly motivated by doing what is in the best legal interest of our clients.” We will give you clear instructions as to what your responsibilities are going forward in terms of future doctor visits, documents that you will need to obtain and how to best communicate with us. We will also provide you with an estimated timeline for the next steps going forward.

The cost for making the call is free – You have nothing to lose. But if you don’t call, you may end up paying the price of not taking care of yourself and your family, putting them in a lifetime of financial jeopardy. Personal Injury occurrences can be devastating and can cost a person or family thousands, even millions of dollars over time. When you or a loved one have been injured you don’t need to travel this difficult path alone. Let us help you be secure about your future. Let us help you feel settled as you come out of this unsettling time.

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