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I May Have a Personal Injury Case. What’s Next?

What are my first steps if there has been an accident or malpractice that injured me or a family member? What do the lawyers at Giroux Trial Attorneys do when I contact them?

If you or your family member have suffered an injury due to an accident or malpractice and you are suffering now, we are here to help.

Timing is critical

As soon as possible, you need to contact an experienced personal injury attorney. Why?

Due to the Statute of Limitations, filing a complete claim quickly is the best, and sometimes only guarantor of getting any compensation for your injuries. The Statute of Limitations is simply a law (statute) that limits how much time can elapse between something occurring that causes damages for you and an attorney filing a claim on your behalf.

The amount of time between when the harm occurred and when one ought to file their case differs and can be complex. Some factors that may be considered include where the injury occurred, the nature of the injury, if the situation included a possible wrongful death, who the affected parties were (was there a minor involved?), the type of case and more.

Only an experienced personal injury attorney can determine what the exact Statue of Limitations is for your particular case. Waiting to contact an attorney could prevent your case from even being filed. It is very important to contact an attorney with the experience to accurately assess how quickly the clock is ticking on your case. Once the lawsuit is filed within the timeframe of the statute of limitations, the clock stops ticking and you have complied by filing the suit within the appropriate timeframe.

How much will it cost me to discuss my case with Giroux Trial Attorneys?

Your consultation is completely free. In fact, we get paid only we win or settle your case for you. There is no reason to wait to make that phone call!

Giroux Trial Attorneys’s payment is called a contingency fee. This term means that our legal fees are contingent (dependent upon) your compensation. This system ensures that you don’t have to come up with legal fees at the start of your case. If we mutually decide to work together, it is a testament to how much Giroux Trial Attorneys believe in your case. We are willing to work for no up-front fees, because we believe you will be compensated and your case has merit.

We keep track of any legal fees that you incur during the preparation of your case. After you receive compensation, either through a settlement or a jury verdict, the legal fees are deducted from your payout in a predetermined percentage. In many cases the fees are taken into account when the settlement or financial compensation is calculated.  We are as efficient as possible and even in this contingency arrangement our fees remain reasonable.

What happens at our consultation meeting?

We will ask you a lot of questions!

It’s important that you obtain and bring as much documentation as you can about the injury you sustained. If it was an accident, bring whatever police reports you can. For all injuries, bring doctor and hospital records if you can.

When our attorneys meet with you, we will determine:

  • Do you have a case where there was an injury or harm for which legal action may be taken?
  • Was somebody else liable for your injury or harm?

If we determine that the answer to these two questions is yes, then we have to build a case on your behalf. We will help create a roadmap for you to guide you through the process step by step.

Doing Our Homework

After our consultation, we will then do our work to determine how best to obtain compensation on your behalf and what that process will look like; what parties need to be involved, what experts need to be consulted, etc.  We will be let you know what additional documents we may need to obtain and if you need to obtain any of them for our office.

Some of the work we will then begin on your behalf includes:

  • Contacting and deposing witnesses. If there were any witnesses who can bolster your case, it is crucial that we contact them and get their testimony quickly. First of all, we want to get their memories before they fade, and we want to nail down what they recall so that we can utilize their testimony in our case filing and if the case were to go to trial.
  • Determining how much your case is worth. Using a complex matrix, we have to assess what your damages are. Damages can be physical injuries, which translate to financial costs in the court system, and actual financial costs you may have incurred. In determining the financial aspects of your case, we consider if you have been unable to work and have lost wages, what your medical bills are and will continue to be and if you suffered any property damage (like to your car or motorcycle), among other things. This may be even more complicated if there was a wrongful death or if a minor was the party that was injured.
  • Who is Liable for Your Injuries and How Liable Are they? This is a tough question to answer, but we have to figure this out in order to have the strongest possible case. We have to determine if another party caused your injury due to their negligence or failure to provide standard care or act appropriately. Even if you were partly liable for the injury that occurred, there may still be a legitimate case due to partial liability. Do not hesitate to contact us, because you believe you may share part of the blame for what has occurred – the law regarding liability may be different than you imagine.
  • Obtaining Documents. Building your case means amassing enough evidence to prove that you or your family member suffered an injury and that somebody else was at fault. We need to obtain all police (and other law enforcement) reports as well as all medical records, as these are critical to our case.
  • As much as you can, take some time to write notes about the details of the event as soon as it has happened. It can be very useful to have notes. Memories can fade and details such as the order of events and the timing of events may be helpful.

Only an experienced personal injury attorney can help you.

There are many lawyers who claim to be able to help personal injury victims., but at Giroux Trial Attorneys we specialize in cases like yours. We cannot emphasize enough how much hiring a specialized experienced personal injury lawyer matters.

We will not waste your time, we will act honorably on your behalf and we only take on a case if we believe you are entitled to compensation.

We are experienced trial lawyers. Many law firms say that they are experienced personal injury attorneys, but they jump to settle out of court at the first chance and lack the trial experience necessary to try to get the fullest compensation possible. We know how to win in the courtroom. We practice real law at Giroux Trial Attorneys and real law is what wins cases.

The most important thing you can do today if you’ve been injured is to contact Giroux Trial Attorneys. The consultation is free and we are here to help you. You have already suffered. Isn’t it time for somebody to help you – to be in your corner?

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