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Legal Case Tips

I’ve Been Injured; Why Call a Lawyer?

February 12, 2018 in Legal Case Tips,

If you’ve suffered an injury that could have been prevented, we urge you to first contact a doctor. The very next phone call should be to an attorney. Some people hesitate to call an attorney. Often they are busy dealing with the urgent matters that...

When Should I Hire An Insurance Claim Lawyer?

March 01, 2017 in Legal Case Tips,

Though you can certainly hire an attorney to assist you with your claim later on in the process, it will be the most effective if you hire an insurance claim lawyer from the very beginning. The reason this is important is that you and your...

Preparing for a Deposition

February 10, 2017 in Legal Case Tips,

Today I'm going to discuss with you a little about taking depositions, or better yet, attending depositions. So if you're a plaintiff, meaning the person bringing the case, or you're a defendant, the person against whom the case is being brought, these are some things...

Steps to take if Your Spouse Refuses to Pay Child Support

April 11, 2016 in Legal Case Tips,

After going through a divorce, individuals face challenges associated with the custody of children. In certain situations, an ex-spouse refuses to pay child support or finds it difficult to make payments dictated by the court. While the situation varies between individuals, a parent with full...

Steps to Take When Your Insurance Company Refuses to Pay Fair Compensation

March 08, 2016 in Legal Case Tips,

Regardless of whether it’s a car accident, a medical procedure, or a homeowner’s issue, filing an insurance claim is never a seamless process. Insurance companies sometimes will you jump through a lot of hoops during the claim process, and there’s always a chance your claim will...