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Looking for a Car Accident Attorney in Michigan?

Giroux Trial Attorneys are here to help if you’ve been in an auto accident. Our team is experienced with Michigan’s unique laws surrounding insurance, liability, and accidents on the road, and we don’t take a fee unless you win. That way, you can be sure you will be able to afford to fight for your rights. In Michigan, any type of auto accident leaves one with two options:

    • File a no-fault claim
  • File a third-party claim for pain and suffering

No matter the reason for the accident, our team can help you sort out your options and decide what your best course of action will be. You need a car accident attorney in Michigan who understands how traumatic these accidents can be, and who will work with you to get the compensation you need to fully recover.

No-Fault Claims in Michigan

Michigan’s automobile insurance laws entitle anyone who is injured in the operation, ownership, or use of automobiles to compensation for injuries and damage. This includes lost wages, medical costs, and repair or replacement costs. Most of the time, your own insurance company will pay the no-fault claim if you are in your own car, but the laws around no-fault claim payments are complex. That’s why you should talk to a car accident lawyer in Michigan any time you are in an accident.

Third-Party Claims

Also known as pain and suffering claims, this kind of claim is usually made against the individual operating the vehicle that caused the accident. Third-party claims must be caused by someone else’s negligence, vehicle defect, or distracted driving that includes operating a vehicle under the influence. It is typically used in cases of permanent disfigurement or disability. It can also be used when someone else’s negligence leads to a death.

If you have recently been in an accident, make Giroux Trial Attorneys Attorneys your auto accident attorney to get help from an experienced team. Contact our office at 248-531-8665 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.

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