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Being involved in a car accident is one of the most terrifying events. Common causes of car accidents in Royal Oak, Michigan include:

● Negligence.
● Distracted driving.
● Auto defects.
● Weather.

No matter what caused your crash, you should get help from an auto accident lawyer in Royal Oak, MI. Here at Giroux Trial Attorneys, we believe you should get financial compensation for your damaged car and any injuries you sustain from a collision. Learn what you should do after motor vehicle collision to get compensation.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Royal Oak

Here are some crucial steps to take if you’re involved in a car crash:

● Call the police: Make sure a police report is filed so that there is an official, third-party record of what happened.
● Exchange information: Obtain the names, addresses, phone numbers, license plates numbers, driver’s license numbers and insurance information from the other driver.
● Don’t apologize: Saying, “I’m sorry” may hurt your chances at getting compensation from the other motorists’ insurer.
● Take photos: Pictures are the best form of evidence. Take snapshots of the accident scene to bolster your claim.
● Get medical treatment: Get checked out by a doctor to strengthen your claim and recover from injuries faster.
● Hire an attorney: We can maximize your recovery and help you through all the complex negotiations.

These are the most crucial things you should accomplish immediately after a car accident.

Michigan Car Accident Specialists

The aftermath of your motor vehicle collision can be full of stress, legal complications, and insurance issues. This stuff is difficult to manage in general, but it’s even worse when you’re injured. There’s no need to handle it by yourself. We can handle it all for you.

We’re proud to work on a contingency fee basis at Giroux Trial Attorneys. That means we don’t get any payment from you unless you receive a damage or are awarded damages. Contact us here to learn more.

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