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Car accidents are often inevitable, but they can create significant financial, emotional, and physical difficulties following their occurrence. After a car accident, it is essential that you reach out to an auto accident lawyer in Auburn Hills MI as soon as possible, so you can secure your right to either first or third-party benefits.

Filing a First-party Claim

Anyone who suffers from an injury caused by the operation, use, ownership, or maintenance of a vehicle may be entitled to no-fault benefits, which are often referred to as first-party benefits. Usually provided by your insurance company, some situations dictate that the other person involved be responsible for offering these benefits through their insurance provider.

Incident facts surrounding the collision will also dictate who receives these benefits when the person who sustained injuries was a motorcyclist, pedestrian, or a passenger. Since it can often be confusing to determine which party should provide the no-fault benefits, it is best to have an attorney on your side during this process.

Filing a Third-party Claim

There are several types of accidents where a third-party claim may need to be filed. These include the following types of collisions:

• Distracted driving accidents
• Drunk driving accidents
• Accidents involving general negligence

The compensation provided through this type of claim is designed for suffering, pain, and scarring incurred due to an accident-related injury. Some victims may also be able to recover lost wages as part of the claims process. Also known as pain and suffering claims, third-party claims are usually filed against the person who is directly responsible for the injury.

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An auto accident can be difficult to recover from, regardless of how minor it is, so ensuring you receive necessary third or first-party benefits following the collision is essential. Our attorneys at Giroux Trial Attorneys are ready and waiting to provide tenacious legal assistance, so please contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.

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